/ BDN Services

Participation in R&D projects

The subcontracting of R&D to esteemed technical centres or universities can provide interesting fiscal advantages.

We can help you to manage these projects and also we can participate in them as an external technical service.

Pilot Plant

In our pilot plant, we make scaled tests, before the implementation of a full industrial process.

We can also evaluate new processes, ingredients (sin coma) or additives with a low cost of materials and time.


We act like an external technical department (outsourcing).

We can help you to optimise your processes; to select the most adequate technology, machinery or ingredients; or we can solve day-to-day technical problems.

New products

We can offer you ideas on how to develop new products and also participate in their design and development from a technical and machinery perspective as well as from an ingredient and formula perspective.

Preparation of samples

We can prepare product samples so that you or your clients may evaluate changes in formulas, try new flavours or textures, undertake shelf-life studies, and evaluate new packaging or presentations…


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